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Donate Food Pantry Items for NEEDS this Thanksgiving

Through our Deacons, Madeira-Silverwood participates in North East Emergency Distribution Services (NEEDS), a cooperative group of concerned community churches and civic organizations whose mission is to do God’s work of caring for our neighbors by providing basic emergency assistance.

Are you feeling called to volunteer with NEEDS? Contact the church office. We can put you in touch with our NEEDS co-ordinator.

Or you can help by donating some of these much-needed items. (Please be assured that the NEEDS pantry will make good use of ANYTHING you are able to donate! However, these are what NEEDS is looking for in November).

Canned/Jarred Goods:

Peanut butter



Mixed vegetables

Tomato sauce

Black beans

Beef soups

Chicken soups

Clam chowder

Collard greens

Dry Goods:

Instant oatmeal packs

Packaged pasta and potato side dishes

Toilet paper

Paper towels


Sanitary pads and tampons

Pump hand soap

Laundry detergent

Bring your donations to the church office during the week or drop them in the NEEDS bins in the entry foyer when you come to church on Sunday.

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