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Come Be Inspired By Our New Christmas Musical "Journey To The Birth Of Jesus"

Join us on Sunday Dec 18 for a special worship service featuring the world premiere of the new Christmas musical "Journey to the Birth of Jesus." We'll have a single service that day at 10am, followed by the musical.

Composer Roy Swanson's statement:

We are all on a journey. The journey to the birth of Jesus was foretold by God through the prophets hundreds of years before it actually happened. Journeys are sometimes difficult, yet when the journey is complete, we feel a sense of celebration and accomplishment.

"Journey to the Birth of Jesus" is a musical journey that takes us from the the prophets, through the 400 year silence of God, to the struggles of Mary and Joseph, finally arriving at the joyful arrival of Christ.

The orchestra sets the mood and prepares us for the words of God as spoken by the prophet Malichi. Malichi was the final prophet until the arrival of John the Baptist. Between Malachi and John the Baptist, there was a period of silence—about 400 years and fourteen generations—where God did not speak through the prophets at all. The story, told through music, depicts the birth of John the Baptist, then details the circumstances surrounding Joseph and Mary, his betrothed. Joseph did not have relations with Mary, yet it became clear that Mary was with Child. Joseph struggles with this, and the Bible teaches us that he did not want shame to come Mary, so he considers breaking up with her. In a dream, however, angels tell him to proceed with his betrothed, and that she will bear a Son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel, or “God with Us.”

The story then shows the necessity of making the ten-day trip to Bethlehem. The secular reasoning is that Caesar Augustus ordered that everyone needed to be registered with the government according to the place where their families originated. Joseph’s family, in the lineage of King David, originated in Bethlehem of Judea. Biblically, however, Bethlehem was also spoken by the prophet Micah to be the place where the Messiah will be born. Was is just a coincidence or did God have something to do with it?

Joseph was chosen by God to be the earthly father of Jesus. Mary was chosen by God to be the earthly mother of Jesus. Why? Joseph was a carpenter, and as such he would have the ability to find creative ways to solve problems. He found a way to get himself and wife who was with Child to Bethlehem after an arduous ten-day journey. Mary was chosen because she was pure, and a faithful follower of God despite the 400 years of silence. When the couple gets to the inn at Bethlehem, they find the innkeeper who tells them that there is no room available at the inn. Mary is soon to give birth, and she and Joseph plead with the innkeeper for help. The innkeeper finally tells them that there is a table in the yard, and they can use that in lieu of a room. While in the stable, Jesus is born. An angel notifies the shepherds who were in the fields that the Messiah has been born, and He is in a stable in Bethlehem. A quick review of what has taken place ensues, with the familiar carol, “Once in Royal David’s City.” The musical culminates with a celebration that includes three familiar carols and congregational participation on the final one. Journey to the Birth of Jesus includes a narrator, soloists, the characters of Elizabeth, Joseph, Mary, Caesar, and the Innkeeper. Accompanied by a professional orchestra and under the direction of the composer, we pray that this work blesses each person for the Christmas season and throughout the coming new year. Musical Selections in Journey to the Birth of Jesus.

  1. Silence

  2. A Branch of David’s Tree

  3. Fourteen Generations

  4. Joseph

  5. En Route to the City of David

  6. It Is Written

  7. No Room at the Inn

  8. Jesus Is Born

  9. Once in Royal David’s City

  10. The Word Became Flesh

  11. The Celebration

  • Angels We Have Heard on High

  • The First Noel

  • O Come All Ye Faithful

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