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Faith Formation - October Thoughts from the Director of Family Ministry

Why did you become a Christian? When did you learn how much God lovesyou? How do you know what you know about the Bible? My own answers to these questions all have something to do with my upbringing in the church in a family that made faith formation a priority.

Children will learn from the people who surround them. Children learn attitudes and behaviors far faster than many adults and parents realize. Who do you want your kids learning from? Do you want them to learn how much God loves them and how to exhibit the fruits of the spirit in their daily lives? Of course you do!MSPC Family Ministry does too.

Two dozen Christians in our congregation have volunteered this fall to teach Sunday School and assist in the Early Childhood Classroom (nursery). These are wonderful people who are willing to spend a little of their time with your children, sharing their love and knowledge to help students grow in Christ. These volunteers have made it a priority to help form faith in your kids–will you make it a priority, too?

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