Family Ministries Search Committee Update

We would like to thank the entire church for prayers through this process. We have been feeling God move within our committee and the church as a whole, and we are excited for the direction we see God leading us towards.

Our committee started meeting at the end of April and started by discussing and defining what skills and characteristics would be required in this new role. After refining the role and our mission and bringing our revisions before session, we posted our job opening. We received several promising candidates right away. We each took this process and our role in this committee very seriously. We began with prayers and the determination that, even though our church is feeling a need right now, we would not rush God's plan for us. We all agreed that we were willing to start over as many times as needed to find the right person.

After conducting screening interviews for all our candidates, we narrowed it down to three excellent applicants. We are pleased, and surprised, that each applicant excels in a different way, and they are all more than we could hope for. We were concerned coming into this process at the scope of the job we were trying to fill, but after meeting with each candidate more thoroughly, have been incredibly pleased with the way each of our three applicants feel they would approach the position. God has had his hand on this project, and we are unanimous in agreeing that we do not feel there is a wrong choice among the three candidates! We are nearing a conclusion to this search and would like your prayers that God would continue to guide us in this process and our church in the plans he has for us and the community.

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