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Have a shoe problem? Too many to fit in your closet?

Consider giving up a pair or two for someone who really has a shoe problem. We are collecting shoes from our Vacation Bible School participants in June for Soles4Souls, a charitable organization that provides shoes to people who need them, both locally and abroad.

People all over the world are in need of good shoes. Good shoes help promote health by helping protect from injuries, infection, and other diseases. Good shoes are essential for kids to attend school and for adults to work. Good shoes can help spark hope and self confidence in difficult situations and preserve people's self worth.

On average, Americans throw away 70 pounds of textiles (shoes and clothing) per person, per year. That adds up to 21 billion pounds of unnecessary waste added to our landfills. Many of these discarded clothing items are in good shape and can be passed along to someone else who could benefit from them. The EPA estimates that only 15% of clothing and footwear in the U.S., is recycled, leaving the remaining 85% in our landfills.

You can help improve someone's life and reduce landfill waste by bringing new, gently used, or well-loved shoes to the church any time before June 9. For more information, please contact the church office.

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