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Intentional Acts of Kindness & Purposeful Deeds of Beauty

You’ve seen the bumper sticker “Practice random acts of kindness and senseless deeds of beauty.” It’s a lovely sentiment. It helps us remember to be open to providential opportunities for ministry that God drops in our lap.

I prefer, however, the idea of practicing intentional acts of kindness and purposeful deeds of beauty. When we’re intentional and purposeful, we’re able to multiply our impact. That’s why we engage in a stewardship campaign every year. Our church leaders do our best to plan the big things we’re going to accomplish in ministry every year. In return, we ask our members and friends to help us out by pledging to support our shared ministry through the year. Consider the impact of your gifts to Madeira-Silverwood. Through your generosity, you make many things possible:

• Over 100 worship services each year in which members can explore and exercise their gifts of music and leadership and in which attendees are inspired and challenged to new levels of spiritual growth. • A growing selection of groups and classes in which adult members can forge new friendships and learn more about the Bible and Christian life.

• A refreshed Family Ministry program that creatively fosters faith in our young children, teenagers, parents, and college students. • A beautifully maintained campus and facility that we share with the community as a way of tangibly showing the love of Christ. • Comfort, encouragement, and ongoing support to families grieving after the loss of loved ones. • Connection to God’s work throughout the world through strategic mission partnerships with local mission organizations and missionaries serving around the world. • An online presence that carries our teaching ministry to the world and spreads the knowledge of Jesus Christ via the web.

All of these ministries and more serve a threefold purpose:

  1. to invite people to engage in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ,

  2. to help people grow in the fruit of the Spirit and their giftedness,

  3. to help people find where God the Father has called them to serve the world in love.

I’ll explore this threefold purpose in my sermon series this month. I invite you to prayerfully consider how you can help us be intentional and purposeful in meeting these purposes. Later this month, all members will receive a pledge card. On Sunday, November 21, we’ll have a special joint worship service at 10am where we’ll dedicate our pledges and ourselves to the work of ministry. After this service, we’ll adjourn to the Fellow- ship Hall where we’ll enjoy the Sweet, Sweet Blessing of fellowship over a buffet of Thanksgiving desserts. I look forward to seeing you!

Soli Deo

Gloria Russell

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