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Inviting the Community to Come and See Jesus

“Come and see.” It is a simple invitation. These are the words that Philip uses to invite Nathaniel to encounter Jesus (John 1:46). This invitation echoes Psalm 66:5

“Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!”

Being a follower of Christ includes inviting people to come and see. We warmly welcome people into our circle of relationships and invite them to experience the work of Christ. While there are many personal ways to issue this invitation, for this article, I want us to consider the ways we as a congregation to invite others to encounter Jesus. God has called us together as a particular group of people and given us particular opportunities to reach out to our community with the invitation to come and see.

Among the obvious opportunities are the various groups that make use of our building and grounds throughout the year. Chief among these are the Farmer’s Market, the Madeira Preschool, and Scouting USA. I invite you to consider, what would it look like for us to reach out to these groups with an invitation to come and see? What are ways we can develop deeper personal relationships with these people who already make trips to our property? How can we demonstrate to them that in addition to a building, there are warmhearted people here? How do our members winsomely extend hands of friendship to the constituents of these various groups?

Other opportunities include the various communities for senior citizens. We already have several members at places like Kenwood Star, Traditions, Seasons and Twin Lakes. Maurice Mitchell is lead- ing our outreach in these areas as he visits our members there. How can we come alongside Maurice and extend our congregation’s ministry to the elderly? Who in our congregation might be called to go and assist with Bible Studies and communion in those places?

And of course, we are working on special events for the coming year. What would it be like if each of us considered every church event as an opportunity to invite someone to come and see? What if a church supper were also an opportunity to invite a neighbor to come and see Christian fellow- ship in action? What if a concert were an opportunity to invite a colleague to come and see the beauty of the Lord? What if a service project were a chance to invite a friend to come and see what it means to tangibly show the love of Christ?

Simply put, every church activity is your opportunity to issue the invitation “come and see.”

So, who are you going to invite? Who has God put on your heart? and see”?

To whom are you going to say, “come and see"?


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