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Job Posting: Communication Director

Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church is excited to launch our search for our new Communication Director. Please send resumes and inquiries to


We are looking for a Communication Director who will:

  • Tell the story of God at work in our congregation.  Document events, stories of impact, and people’s ministries, and find the most effective channels to tell these stories.

  • Refine and manage the MSPC brand.  Lead us in sharpening and clarifying our messaging with consistent clear standards across all our communication platforms.

  • Develop a communication team.  Identify people in our congregation who have skills in graphic design, writing, video, audio, etc and lead them in deploying their gifts as part of our communications team. 

  • Develop new digital ministry opportunities.  Help us brainstorm how to build online courseware, curated digital media feeds, email drip campaigns, and other digital discipleship tools for our online community. 

  • Invite our audiences to come and see what God is doing.  Create compelling communication to invite our target audiences to be a part of our ministry offerings and take the next step of faith toward Christ.

Download the detailed job posting here:

MSPC Communication Director Job Posting
Download PDF • 60KB

 About our staff team:

Our Communication Director will join our core staff team currently consisting of three full-time employees (Lead Pastor, Music Director, and Director of Congregational Life) and three part-time employees (Pastor of Discipleship, Pastor of Visitation, Treasurer).   This hardworking, close-knit team has strong values of:


Collaboration:   We work together, bounce ideas off each other, develop projects together, and adjust to support one another. 


Spiritual Centeredness:   We pray together, seek God’s will together, and share spiritual stories with one another.  We are all seeking to grow closer to Christ and follow His leading personally.


Flexibility:  We are flexible with one another, recognizing that the demands of life and our commitments to our families and our community are important elements of a faithful life of Following Christ.  We do our best to make room for one another to meet these other commitments. 


Mutual Respect:   We maintain an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, compassion, and goodwill with one another.


Service:   We are here to serve the congregation and our core audiences.  We serve by helping people discover their callings for ministry and empowering them to grow in these callings.   We are not just doers of tasks, we are developers of people. 

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