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Maurice’s Musings

One of the outreaches of this congregation is the Bible Studies that I facilitate at the “Kenwood Star” and “Traditions at Camargo”. The residents that attend are very appreciative. It is a highlight of their week. This is one way we, you, have had an influence beyond your walls. I want to share an example:

At one of the Bible Studies that I lead at the Kenwood Star in early June, a resident, who is not a member of our congregation, shared that she found a wonderful pictorial Beginners’ Bible, that was on sale.

During our sharing time, I mentioned that we would need to cancel one of our Bible Studies in June, because I would be involved with our Vacation Bible School. Later that day, that lady called the church and volunteered to donate these Beginner’s Bible for all the children who would attend VBS. She provided 70 Bibles for our VBS children.

We were able to order the Bibles through our church account, which saved the donor sales tax, and the order was large enough that it was shipped for free. She was elated.

The Bible was full of full-color illustrations, with a short description underneath. I know that many of the children really liked their new Bibles, because a couple of the children reported that they read their new Bibles all evening.

We are providing Christian fellowship and Bible Study to the residents, who otherwise might not get together. And through that connection, we were able to touch many children’s lives as well.

One new member has been added to the church roll, and we are witnessing to the community that we care for our elderly.

Maurice G. Mitchell

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