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Missionary Spotlight: Stan Wood of Sower's Field

Stan Wood is the founder of Sower’s Field, an organization dedicated to helping plant new churches and revitalizing existing ones.

Did you know that after 15 years most churches plateau and stop growing?Most long-term church-goers don’t know a lot of people outside their faith who they can invite to come learn about Christ; most of their friends are already Christian! But established churches can participate in the growth of the Kingdom of Christ through helping to plant new churches.

Sower’s Field assists in the vitally important task of church planting by identifying gifted people, equipping them with knowledge of how to plant a church, and empowering them through financial assistance and ongoing coaching.Through Sower’s Field, existing churches can participate in this exciting mission of church planting, either through giving or through learning how they can support a church plant themselves. Churches that plant other churches grow in leadership, invite new people to faith, and continue to grow themselves.

Learn more about Stan and the ministry of Sower’s Field at

Thank you for your continued support of the Missions Committee and those MSPC supports.

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