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Watch Healing River and Learn the Power of Forgiveness

“A wonderful story of hope and healing. Beautifully made and powerfully told.”

How do you forgive the unforgivable?

After Ingrid's only son is killed by a drug-addicted teen, her grief turns to rage by the court's leniency. Desperately seeking revenge on the young man, she is forced to face the demands of her Christian faith. What happens next is unimaginable...

“Healing River isn’t just a great Christian film; it’s a great drama with Christian DNA. The script, acting, and music are all top-notch. Most importantly, it’s true to life. The emotions are so pitch-perfect that we know the characters are acting and reacting as we would in their circumstances. This isn’t a Hollywood production, but it could have been.” ~Dan Andriacco, The Catholic Telegraph

Join us at Madeira-Silverwood on Saturday March 11 at 3:00 for a special showing of Healing River. The winner of 9 independent film awards, Healing River is a powerful story about grief, forgiveness, and healing.

Stay with us after the film for a special opportunity to hear from film director Mitch Teemley as he shares with us about the power of forgiveness. We'll also enjoy a pizza supper and a questions and answer session with Mitch.

“You don’t watch this movie, you live it. The characters are strong and vibrant. The movie will get inside you. It has moments so intense you forget to breathe. There are moments of gut-wrenching grief, there are moments of rage, there are moments of laughter. There is love. Healing River is about forgiveness, (but) it doesn’t just show you the way, it takes you there.” ~S. M. Zang, media reviewer

Here's what audiences are saying about Healing River:

  • “A remarkable theatrical experience: powerful, gripping, provocative, heart-breaking, heart-warming, sensitive, moving, inspirational."

  • “It never preaches, and yet it contains the whole gospel"

  • “The most effective presentation on forgiveness I’ve ever seen.”

You don't want to miss this showing of Healing River and opportunity to meet Director Mitch Teemley! Bring your friends to be encouraged and inspired by this special event.

Tickets are $10 per person. Reserve your seats today!

Parental Advisory: This film is Rated PG-13 for mature thematic elements, substance issues, some language and brief violence

“This movie beautifully portrays how even in the most difficult of circumstances God can transform a person who's been wronged and become corrosively bitter into someone who can forgive the very person who has wronged them. It also wonderfully shows how God can free those who are imprisoned by tremendous guilt. The narrative and the acting are superb. I found myself fully drawn into this movie. The script was incredibly deep and the wonderful job done by the actors only enhanced (it). I’m thankful to have stumbled onto this movie. Enjoy and learn some valuable lessons along the way.” ~David F, Vine Voice
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