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Worship With Us for the Christmas Holidays

The holidays are always a warm and joyful time. We hope you'll join us for our special holiday worship services:

Christmas Eve 5pm This family friendly service features a children's Christmas drama, a festive brass ensemble, and a retelling of the Christmas story through scriptures and reflections.

Christmas Eve 9:30pm This contemplative service features cherished Christmas carols, a heartfelt meditation on the gift of Christ, and a candle-lighting ceremony.

Christmas Day 10am Come as you are and join us on Christmas day as for a cozy worship service featuring a Christmas carol sing-a-long (where the congregation picks the carols) and a meditation on the meaning of Christmas.

New Year's Day 10am Come as you are and sing in the New Year with your favorite carols and hymns. Reflect with us on God's providence in the year past, and join us in hope for God's provision in the year to come.

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