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Covid-19 Health & Safety

With allergy, cold and flu season upon us (and COVID 19 and the emerging, highly transmissible variant having similar symptoms), here are a few helpful reminders:


1. If you have symptoms associated with any of the above or if you feel unwell, please stay home. Worship with us is available on Facebook live (search ‘madeira church’), through the livestream link or from the parking lot, on 87.9 FM radio.


2. Vaccination, distancing, hand washing and avoiding touching the face are well recognized ways to help reduce risk of getting or transmitting these illnesses. 


3. Wearing a mask for indoor gatherings such as churches is welcomed - whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.


4. During these times, let’s find creative ways to show love and greetings being gracious and respectful of personal boundaries (normally handshakes and hugging, etc.)  

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