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Bless Children In Our Community Through the Deacons' Giving Tree

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."Hebrews 13:16 (ESV)

Every year at Christmas, our Deacons lead us in blessing the community by organizing a Giving Tree. On this tree are stars with the names of children from our community (including children from Madeira, Deer Park, and West Cincinnati). Each star also tells the age, gender, and gift suggestions for that child. In the interest of fairness for all the children, we ask you to limit your gifts to $40

There are 3 ways you can bless a child through the Deacons' Giving Tree:

Come to church and select a child's name from the bulletin board in the entry foyer. For each child, there is both a yellow and a blue star.

  • Take the yellow star that lists the age, gender and gift ideas.

  • Write your name and contact information on the blue star

  • Return the blue star to the bulletin board.

  • Purchase and wrap your gifts.

  • Attach the yellow star to your wrapped gifts.

  • Return your gift(s) to the church by Sunday, December 17th.

Contact the church office to request one or more children. Our Deacons will be in touch with you with information about the child(ren) you have been assigned. You may either bring your purchased and wrapped gifts to the church by Sunday, December 17th or you may request that a Deacon pick up your gift.

Make a contribution to the Deacon fund and our Deacons will purchase, wrap, and distribute the gift(s).

Let's make this a great Christmas for our community!

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