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Confirmation 2024

We want the children of our church to thrive. We want them to develop their own faith and have a personal connection with the living Lord Jesus Christ. We want them to enjoy the benefits of growing in faith alongside other faithful followers of Jesus. We want them to discover how they are designed to be beacons of God's love by serving others in word and deed.

Confirmation class is a great way to ignite a deeper, richer faith in our children. Parents of youth sixth grade and up, you do not want to miss this opportunity for your children to explore their faith and own it for themselves. This confirmation class also is a fantastic opportunity for church members to invest in our children by serving as mentors to our participants.

Confirmation Class will take place on Sundays at 11:00 AM from April 7 through July 17, with no class on the weekends of Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.  

In this class, we will prepare participants to profess their personal faith and the faith of the church and to publicly declare their intent to take part actively and responsibly in the church’s worship and mission.  For those participants not baptized as infants or children, Confirmation will also include Baptism.  The twelve-session Confirmation Class will help participants understand what the church believes as well as welcome them into an intentional time of discernment and conversations about faith.  By Confirmation Day, participants will be able to respond to questions about their faith and be ready to begin or continue their walk with the Lord.

Please reserve a space for your youth by contacting the church office or marking the Connect Card.

Members, are you being called to offer your time as a mentor? As part of the Confirmation Class, participants will need to choose a non-family mentor from the congregation to support them during their class and beyond.  The time commitment will vary but could average an hour each week.  If you are willing to be a mentor to a class participant, please mark the Connect Card.

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