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Donate Reading Glasses for Transforming Jail Ministries

March 1, 2023 UPDATE - Through the month of February we collected 62 pairs of glasses and 48 copies of the New Testament/Psalms for Transforming Jail Ministries! Thank you for your support!

Original February 2, 2023 Post:

Our Mission Committee partners with Transforming Jail Ministries (TJM) as part of our mission to serve the community in the name of Christ.

When you are incarcerated, there are few options and many moments of indecision and confusion. TJM provides chaplains to counter those moments. At each jail facility in Hamilton County, trained chaplains spend time in conversation, in prayer and in reflection with the incarcerated men and women. Their fundamental role is to be available; their fundamental task is to respond to the incarcerated men and women who have requested to see a chaplain.

One of the ways TJM has asked for our help is in providing reading glasses that they can distribute to incarcerated individuals who request them. This is a simple way of helping people connect with God's word. The Mission Committee will be collecting new or gently used PLASTIC reading glasses during the month of February for TJM. We ask that they be plastic frames for safety reasons and that the vision strength is clearly marked so they can give the people the strength they need.

There are more ways to be involved in TJM. If this is a ministry that you feel called to further explore, please contact Pastor Smith to learn more.

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