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Elemental Church Teaching Series

What are the foundational elements that characterize healthy churches and healthy church disciples? How can you grow these foundational elements in your life and be a more grounded, passionate, and imaginative servant of Christ? Our Elemental Church series will take you on a journey deeper into these topics and more.

Taught as part of the fall 2023 Stewardship Campaign, Elemental Church is a series that introduces you to the four key elements of Integrity, Passion, Servanthood, and Imagination. In this series, you'll learn about each of these four elements, explore how you can grow them in your life, and discover how each element ultimately finds its fullest power in Christ. This series will help you develop your effectiveness as a servant of Christ, invite you to a deeper unity with the church as the Body of Christ, and help you engage in a deeper more enriching relationship with Christ.

Watch the Elemental Church Series Here:

Earth: Christ Our Chief Cornerstone

Fire: Our Hearts Aflame For Christ

Water: Christ Our Example For Service

Air: The Spirit's Gift - Christ's Mind

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