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Commit to a Daily Practice of Bible Reading and Prayer

One of the most important spiritual disciplines for growing in your faith is a daily time of prayer and reflection on God's word. Jesus modeled this for us in his regular practice of rising early, going to be by himself, and praying (Mark 1:35). Jesus tells his disciples to "abide in me;" The best way we can do this is by committing to the practice of daily time with God.

The New Year is a great time to re-commit to this practice. To help you, we provide daily devotional resources.

Our Daily Bread and The Upper Room are simple magazine style devotionals. Each day, they provide a scripture reading, a thoughtful one page meditation, and a few questions for deeper reflection.

For those interested in going deeper, Our Daily Bread also provides web addresses for further study and suggested readings for working through the Bible in a year. Meanwhile, The Upper Room offers suggestions on how to use the daily devotional as part of a small group gathering.

We keep print copies of Our Daily Bread and The Upper Room available in the literature racks by all the church entries. Pick up the latest issue when you come to church on Sunday. Alternatively, visit the Our Daily Bread website at or The Upper Room website at

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