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Experience The Undefended Seminar On Sunday Mornings

We are excited to host noted author, speaker, and counselor Dr. Dan Bush for the Undefended Seminar on Sunday mornings this fall.

The Undefended Life Seminar beckons you to embrace life's challenges through the prism of a gospel-centered and grace-infused perspective, where God is actively engaged in unearthing the authentic, courageous self that resides beneath the surface.

This transformative seminar will profoundly shift your understanding of your connection with God, unveiling the beauty of embracing an honest, daring, and authentic perspective on life—a vital component of walking the path with Jesus. It will illuminate how the very experiences from which you seek solace can serve as both a beacon and invitation to a deeper understanding of God's boundless sufficiency. By relinquishing the constraints of pretense, people-pleasing, self-righteousness, and self-protection, you will uncover the freedom to live an undefended life, perceiving life's chaos as an opportunity to know God more intimately. Learn more about the Undefended Seminar.

The Seminar began on Sunday, September 24 and run for eight weeks (ending November 12). We will hold the Seminar sessions at 10:00 AM in the Madeira-Silverwood chapel. We will keep each Sunday morning session to an hour so you can also attend either the 9:00 AM or the 11:00 AM worship service. (Note, on Sunday, October 29, the Seminar will be held at 9:00 AM due to our single 10:00 AM Fifth Sunday worship service)

Visit the video archive of the class at the Undefended Life Seminar - Sunday School Series playlist on Dan Bush's YouTube channel. Or you can click the video below to begin the entire playlist.

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