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Mission Partner: Master Provisions

The Madeira-Silverwood Mission Team is pleased to partner with Master Provisions.

Master Provisions serves God by connecting resources to needs while uplifting one soul at a time for all generations.

They accomplish this mission locally by collecting surplus food from wholesalers and distributing it to local soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, churches, and school programs. Since 2014, they have distributed over 22 million pounds of food into the community.

Internationally, they collect resources from donors here in the United States and ship them to partners in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ghana, Togo, South Africa, Ukraine, and Benin. Master Provisions also organizes mission trips for volunteers in the United States to go and assist in the ministries of their international partners.

Madeira-Silverwood has participated with Master Provisions by financially supporting their work for many years. Our recent activities with Master Provisions include:

  • A 2022 special collection for their Ukrainian partner, the orphan ministry My Home.

  • A 2023 mission trip to work with their partner in Honduras, His Eyes.

  • A 2023 end of summer clothing drive.

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