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Serve Dinner at the City Gospel Mission Shelter

You want to make a real difference in the world. Join our Dinner Service team at the City Gospel Mission. You'll extend a warm meal and care to a person who is hungry, homeless or hurting. It seems like a small thing – but it has the power to change a life. To a person experiencing homelessness, it’s more than a meal. It’s hope.

Esteban came to City Gospel Mission to break the bond of addiction. His healing journey started with a simple meal. “Now that you have a meal on the table, it’s like, ‘Thank you God,’ because I went from digging in the trash to sitting down with my brothers around the table.” Read more stories about how people find hope through a meal.

We're serving dinner on Wednesday April 24 to about 120 guests at the City Gospel Mission shelter, and we want you to be a part of the team! There are many ways you can help:

  • Provide dessert or purchase ingredients for the meal we will serve. Visit our Signup Genius page for this event to see what we need.

  • Donate money to help pay for ingredients (please be sure to indicate in the memo field that the donation is for serving dinner at City Gospel Mission).

  • Join the Sunday April 21 prep team at Noon in the church kitchen to help do advance prep work (browning meat, making tea, cutting fruit, etc).

  • Join the Wednesday cooking and serving team (we will meet at MSPC at 4:00 PM to carpool. We should be back to the church by 8:00 PM).

Join our team by signing up on a Sunday Connect Card or contacting the church office.

"He who despises his neighbor is a sinner, but happy is he who is kind to the poor." - Proverbs 14:21

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