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Shepherds and Lambs

Take a new step of faith this Lent and join our Shepherds & Lambs ministry! Shepherds & Lambs is a beloved MSPC Lenten tradition in which participants engage with God in prayer and grow in relationships with one another by serving the families in our church community.

Here's how it works: Adult members of the church (shepherds) commit to pray daily for young members of the church (lambs) throughout the Lenten season.  These volunteers contact their lamb’s parents for introductions and prayer requests. Parents can then explain to their children that someone in the church cares for them and is saying a daily prayer for them. Parents can even help their children learn how to return the blessing by praying with them for their shepherd.

Parents and shepherds stay in touch during Lent. We encourage our shepherds to seek out the family of their lamb on Sunday mornings and get to know them better. On Easter Sunday, shepherds and lambs can celebrate their friendship and enjoy the Easter Breakfast together at 8:45 am before our 10:00 am Easter Worship Service.   

This ministry is a great way to bless other people and grow in your faith at the same time. You will feel the joy of beginning a new relationship or strengthening an existing one. If you sense God calling you to be a shepherd, please contact the church office and our Family Ministry team will assign you a lamb and get you started!

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