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The Saturday Men's Study: Heaven

Starting September 23, the Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study will begin studying the topic of Heaven.

Join us for an exploration of this important topic as we tackle questions like:

  • Is Heaven a real place?

  • Who gets to go to Heaven?

  • What is the “Present Heaven?”

  • What will life be like in the “New Heaven?”

  • How should we prepare to go to Heaven?

The gatherings open with a short social time at 8:00 AM, followed by about an hour of group study with open discussion, and ending at about 9:30 AM with a time of prayer for the joys and concerns of the men.

If you're not currently a part of a Bible study, now is a great time to start! Join us and get to know other men of the church who will help you deepen your faith and understanding of God’s Word for your life.

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