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Wayfarer Songs: A Reflective Journey Through The Psalms Of Ascent (Beginning January 7, 2024)

Join us for a unique spiritual adventure in our 10:00 AM Sunday school class, “Wayfarer Songs: Reflective Journey through the Psalms of Ascent.” Beginning on Sunday, January 7 and running for 15 weeks, Dr. Dan Bush will take you on a journey through Psalms 120-134, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary relevance in a transformative exploration of faith.

“Wayfarer Songs” is much more than a study of biblical texts. It's a spiritual expedition that parallels our modern lives with the experiences of ancient Israelites. These individuals, on their sacred pilgrimages to Jerusalem, sang these Psalms as they ascended towards the city, symbolizing a climb not just in physical elevation but in spiritual growth and connection with God.

The course structure thoughtfully mirrors the progression of the Psalms. We start by confronting life's external challenges (Psalms 120-125), move inward to address our spiritual struggles (Psalms 126-131), and culminate with the joyful arrival in Zion (Psalms 132-134). This sequence reflects the trajectory of our own lives: from battling external conflicts to overcoming internal battles and finally ascending towards a serene spiritual communion.

In “Wayfarer Songs,” you'll discover that our spiritual journey mirrors that of the Israelites, whose pilgrimage was not just a religious duty but a joyous and eagerly anticipated event. It was an opportunity to break free from routine, reconnect with faith, community, and God, despite challenges and inconveniences.

Through this class, we'll delve into the hardships faced by the psalmists, their internal struggles, and the ultimate joy of arriving at a spiritual Zion, a deep connection with God and community. This pilgrimage of the heart invites you to step out of your routine, embrace the challenges of faith, and embark on a transformative journey.

Join “Wayfarer Songs” on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM beginning January 7 and experience a fulfilling spiritual adventure that transforms, renews, and deepens your faith. RSVP on a Sunday morning Connect Card or through the church office.

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