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Remember Your Loved Ones At Our All Saints Day Service

Each year on the Sunday closest to All Saints Day, we schedule a special service to remember and honor those who have gone before us to be with the Lord. This year Sunday, October 29, 2023 will be recognized as All Saints Sunday at Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian.

We extend a special invitation to you to join us at the our 10:00 AM Fifth Sunday worship service this special day. During the service, the All Saints roll call will be read aloud and a candle lit as each name is read. Names on the All Saints Roll Call are persons who were members of Madeira-Silverwood and/or whose service was officiated by one of our church pastors.

We also have an opportunity for you to submit the names of your family or friends who passed in the last year. We will have a special Memorial Book available in our Entry Foyer during the month of October. You may either write the names of those you wish to remember in this book, or you may submit names to the church office. At the end of the All Saints Roll Call, we will light a single pillar candle for all persons written in the Memorial book.

We invite you and your family and friends to join us for this special opportunity to remember and express our hope in the resurrection and the life everlasting.

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