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Wednesday Bible Study: Now Studying the Sermon on the Mount

Join our Wednesday Bible Study for an in depth study of the Sermon on the Mount. Stephen Eyre facilitates a deep and spiritually enriching discussion study, using InterVarsity Press' LifeGuide studies.

Drawn from John Stott's Sermon on the Mount LifeGuide Bible Study and his The Message of the Sermon on the Mount commentary, A Deeper Look at the Sermon on the Mount will help you discover:

  • how powerful meekness is

  • how you can influence the desolate places of society (hint: it has to do with character)

  • how to experience God's law as delightful

  • how to treat your enemies

and much more.

Join us from 10:00-11:30 AM on Wednesdays in our Chapel. This study is targeted primarily for people 55 and up, however we welcome anyone to join us for fellowship and deep conversation about God's word!

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